I'm Leanne Juliette - a Powerful Catalyst, Shamanic High Priestess, Alchemist, Activator & Pioneering Higher Frequency Healer.

My Medicine to you is Potent Truth, Liberation, Freedom, Energetics and powerful Disruption to create Revolutionary Transformation within you.

The Power Portal is here to awaken, activate & accelerate you into a Higher Frequency Consciousness so you remember who the fuck you are and reclaim your Divine Power.


In my Realm, we play with the power of the Beyond.

Making the impossible - possible.

Creating powerful Transformation, Healing & Activations that defy all logic and make zero sense to the Human Psyche.

This is the power of working with a powerful Galactic Being such as myself.

Ancient High Magic fused with Galactic Consciousness.

I activate powerful Spiritual Healing, Revolutionary Transformation & Spiritual Evolution at the root of who you are - at the cellular & DNA level - through my powerful Frequency of Truth.

Available Offerings

Remember Who The Fuck You Are. Reclaim Your Power

EXCLUSIVE Member-Only Audio.

Allow me to activate you deeply as I explore the power of being our most Authentic & Divine Self.

It's time for you to remember who the fuck you are, reclaim your power & be in the Frequency of your Highest Expression of Self.

The Energetics of Money & Shadow To Create Quantum Cash With Ease

In this powerfully activating Audio, I'm channelling on the Energetics of Money & Shadow to create quantum cash in your life.

Without having to do endless (boring AF) Shadow Work, Shadow Alchemy or do any of the wishy washy Law of Attraction BS with the happy clappy stuff.


This Audio is potent, activating and will help you to release energetic attachment to money which then opens up a Vortex within you to receive more.


Shadow is my Realm and I help you understand it in a way others don't teach.

(What I'm sharing in this Audio can also be used for Relationships, Weight Loss or anything else you desire).

My Offerings Available Offerings
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